How To Boost Your Instagram Reach and Visibility – Consider The Following Tips

Instagram is a widely used social platform all around the world. And when it comes to marketing your business, it is also doing wonders by bringing more followers, improving your reach, and manifolds the conversions in the meantime. However, there are some tips and tactics an entrepreneur must be aware of so he can make the most out of this platform and its amazing features.

Many businesses often prefer to buy Instagram story views so they can boost their views and get in the limelight. For startups, though it is one of the easiest ways to increase their visibility, you can focus on some more useful ways to achieve the goal. It is undoubtedly important to increase the probability of your Instagram stories, post, and videos getting more views, likes, comments, and sometimes shares also. But, we have seen many small businesses and even big companies making decisions that are not much effective for their Instagram business promotion. But don’t worry because we have got here a few simple steps that you can follow and make sure to develop a loyal and genuine fan following on your Instagram account. 

Tips To Get More Views On Your Instagram Content

Let’s see how you can increase the number of views on your Instagram stories and posts. 

  1. Choose Optimal Time To Post

You might often see Instagram bloggers and influencers asking followers through their stories when to post the photos or videos they have captured or created for them. The reason is they want to make sure that they are posting when a majority of their followers are online. This way, they can successfully get their content to reach the maximum number of followers and have optimum engagement.

For business profiles on Instagram, there are Instagram Insights to let you know on which days and at what time of the day your followers are most active on Instagram. By doing so, you will understand their activity and can post on the feed or upload stories at ideal timing.

  1. Use Call-To-Action 

Getting suitable call-to-action for your Instagram stories and posts is of great importance. You can ask for your followers’ suggestions, host contests or giveaways. Ask them what they like about your Instagram page, make them vote for their favorite product/service of your business or anything not related to your business just for fun and engagement. What they are looking forward to getting launched on your website, tag their friends and win a reward, etc. You can do this both ways, either posting on the feed or uploading stories. Instagram stories are available for only 24 hours but tend to catch attention readily. 

  1. Ensure Consistent Postings

Though you have a life other than being on social media, if you stay inactive on your Instagram business profile for longer than a while, it can significantly affect your account’s visibility and followers. Therefore, you must schedule your posts and stories for every week. Even if you are not able to post or don’t have the relevant content, you should upload stories sharing live locations so the followers will know why you are not actively posting on the feed. It can also encourage them to follow your stories to view your personal activities. 

Instagram stories seem more attractive and engaging in several cases; therefore, you should keep uploading stories using stickers or locations to avoid losing your followers. 

Final Thoughts

The tips we have shared above are proven to help in bringing organic and loyal followers to many Instagram businesses. However, if you also want to invest in a marketing strategy, you can buy ig story views when needed.