Does your Instagram following need a boost? We can help.

Have you seem your Instagram account and wondered how it would feel like to have a huge following. All the Likes, fame and praise would be immense. You’d feel like a celebrity. 

Instagram can be one of the biggest addictions one can have. It’s applicable in any situation. Basically a drug we need a dose of every now and then. 

New users are not very lucky to gain a huge following as soon as other people but they can sure try. Either you blow up on social media and go viral on Facebook, or create a hashtag which goes in trend on Twitter. All of these will end up being surfaced on Instagram. Here finding the interest is absolutely easy and comes in handy every now and then. 

Blowing up does not in any terms mean tying a bomb to yourself and actually blowing up. It just means you or your video has been liked by a lot of people in a smaller amount of time. Going viral is what the cool kids call it and it’s sure to bring you fame. But there are other ways to reel in followers and likes on your Instagram. A rather longer route. 


The way to gain more following and fame on Instagram is to break the algorithm that’s attached to the app. The more you come upon the user’s interactive pages, the more likely it is for you to get followers. Now, given that you are putting something useful and interactive on your feed, you can also post your own pictures but there does need to be a desirable factor surrounding those pictures. 

The more you post, the more you interact with your followers. There will be more likes on your posts and if liked enough, there are high chances that people will follow you and continue to like the things you put out.


There always needs to be a consistency in your post. You can’t post different things in your feed and expect people to follow your messed up feed. If your page is related to the foodie community, you should only be posting things related to food. There can be variations to your posts but don’t go astray from your main goal. Make sure you are collaborating with people and brands which are publicly liked and admired and have a reputable image in the crowd. Things otherwise can get hectic and be rejected by your followers since people are socially waking and aware. 


Now, this may be a bit of a stretch for the beginners, since you don’t have enough money to invest when you haven’t earned any. But the more you spend the more you earn. Instagram and related social media have a way of getting you more followers and people associated can bring more likes your way. There have been people who can let you buy Instagram likes monthly these are contracts you can have for your own. 

A lot of these can be scams. So, be aware of the people you trust with your money. Or better yet just pay the app itself to promote your page and break the algorithm for you; wow money does work! 


Now, these people are far out of reach for the small influencer. But if you can just bring enough attention to yourself, there is a high probability that there will be people who will be willing to bring more fame towards you. There will be people who will follow you and maybe give you shoutouts depending on how good you are. Since people only like to associate themselves with good influences. Make sure you have a positive vibe flowing through your entire page to ensure there are good people following you back. 


Specifically orientated hashtags are most likely capable of getting your page found and not lost within the ocean of posts that surface on Instagram. Longer hashtags ensure that your posts have specifics and are generated easily. For example, a small hashtag like (sweet) has over a million hashtags related to it but you can customize your hashtag to be something like( sweet from the start) has a smaller amount of posts. It would be more likely to not let your post get lost and be found multiple times which will obviously end up in more like and possible follow. 

Considering all of these points you can always gain more followers by different ways. But make sure whatever you are doing counts up to giving you relief from the real world. Don’t stress too much about something like social media. Don’t think this is the end of the world. Maybe you don’t even need all this in the long run. Instagram has removed the like count from posts and made a new purpose for them. Only you can see the number of likes you get, isn’t that nice. Well, the world moves on and maybe they’ll remove this feature too. Enjoy it while you can.